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Hermann Þórisson



Kennsla / Teaching


Name (abroad): Hermann Thorisson
Field: Probability Theory
Quote: How can you just obey? (ELP)

Research Interests:

Coupling, Stationarity, Regeneration, Markov Chains,
Palm theory, Stochastic Geometry, Progressive Rock ...


Ph.D. from the Department of Mathematics, University of Göteborg, in 1981. Worked at the University of Göteborg, at Chalmers University of Technology, and at Stanford University, until returning home to become a research professor at the Science Institute, University of Iceland,
- and write THE BOOK

Professor at the Department of Mathematics from 2004

Emeritus from November 2022

Department of Mathematics · University of Iceland · Dunhaga 5 · 107 Reykjavik · Iceland · ·
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